Gray Matters has over 12 years of in clinical practice, with an unparalleled legacy of successful outcomes and improved lives.

We’ve treated literally thousands of patients, ranging in age from 5 to 75, and we’ve become experienced with a range of difficulties, ranging (but not limited to): ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Post Concussion Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Frequently, our patients have multiple issues which co-exist in complex and challenging ways.

We are driven by a simple philosophy: The tools we use are only as good as our ability to listen, and our commitment to improve the lives of those we treat. We hope you see this passion in the selection of emails from parents and patients below:

“I’ve been seeing therapists and psychiatrists since I was 25 – for the last 45 years. This is the first time that I’ve received real relief. Before coming to Gray Matters I’d never met a clinician who takes everything into consideration, who really listens, and has the professional know-how to get me better.
Thanks to Anthony Silver, for the first time in 45 years I’ve been off all medication, and been able to stay off them for the last 3 years. I’m incredibly grateful for what he’s done.”
TB, age 70
“Regarding using us as a referral, we are beyond being a referral source for you: we now qualify as raving fans! Please feel free to have anyone and everyone contact us. I recently sent your info to my sister at her request as she is referring you to people to people in her practice. I have also been solicited by people in our social circles who are requesting your information.”
7 yr old boy, ADHD
“Hi Anthony – I just wanted you to know that (patient) started talking to me yesterday morning about his point system at school (behavior chart). He said some amazing things, like ‘the point system is too easy,’ ‘I want to make it more challenging,’ ‘My goal is to have exceptional behavior,’ and ‘By the time I’m in 5th grade, I want to be able to have expected behavior on my own without needing a point chart.’ I was absolutely astounded. I never expected to hear anything like that from him. Thank you!”
9 yr old boy
“I just wanted to update you on Jxxx’s progress. We finished the program with you last January. He is doing phenomenal! Grades are wonderful and all teachers say he is a ‘role model student’ and they wished they had 10 of him in class! He comes home from school and immediately does his homework without trouble or arguing.
We constantly tell other people about Jxxx’s story and give out your information! Most people comment on Jxxx’s size and how wonderful he looks, and then we give them the story …he has gained about 30 pounds! I know our pediatrician has given your name out as well – they can’t get over how well Jxxx is doing, medication free!!!”
9 yr old boy, ADHD
“We feel extremely fortunate to have found Anthony Silver/Gray Matters. Anthony’s guidance and neurofeedback has greatly improved our son’s ADHD symptoms both in the classroom and at home. One of his teachers said she “has a new boy” in her class this year as he is focused, listening, without being distracted or talking out of turn. It definitely works!”
11 yr old boy, ADHD
“We are so pleased by the results for both of our sons. Both boys are right-brained learners and had executive functioning deficits and attentional issues; however they were both treated differently. Our 10 year old is now much more productive in school, turns in his assignments on time, and the amount of emails we receive regarding incomplete and missed assignments has diminished greatly. He is also able to focus for longer periods of time when doing his school work and is… much more connected with what is going on around him. Previously, it was very common for him to stay by himself for periods of time. Now, he is interacting more with all the members of our family and his sense of humor has really come out. The biofeedback seems to have been the missing support that our son needed to be successful in school.
…with our youngest son, it was very common for him to stare blankly at us when he was asked to do something, even though he had heard it several times before. Upon completing the biofeedback, we have received a lot of positive feedback from his teacher regarding his ability to stay focused and some of the negative behaviors he was doing disappeared. Instead of homework taking a very long time and becoming a nightly battle, he was able to get it done in a timely manner. Perhaps the most rewarding is hearing our son say that he doesn’t feel ‘stupid’ anymore and seeing how his confidence has grown.”
Brothers 8 & 10, ADHD & Anxiety, treated simultaneously
“Neurofeedback has had a terrifically positive impact on my son – a college student with severe learning difficulties and ADD. He has noticed an improvement in both his study ‘stamina’ as well as how prepared he feels when he sits down to take a test.
My son had responded poorly to all medication that was prescribed to him, so he was looking for alternatives that could help him with his engineering class work. The results of three months of neurofeedback have more than compensated for his lack of medication. In addition, his focus has improved as well as his confidence! Anthony Silver combines neurofeedback techniques with a calm and accepting manner – making the whole experience very inviting for the patient.”
20 yr old, ADHD
“I received several months of neurofeedback at Gray Matters. It sharpened my focus and concentration in a way that enabled me to use higher levels of cognitive functioning in my work. I also found the treatment to be unexpectedly calming, and Anthony’s manner to be sensitive and intelligent.”
58 yr old, psychologist
“I have been working with Anthony Silver at Gray Matters for about 6 weeks now and have already had clearly measurable success with neurofeedback, particularly alpha-theta training. I approached the process as one who has suffered from complex PTSD for my entire life, along with the accompanying anxieties and depression. I had already essentially tried just about all meds and therapies, conventional and otherwise, over the last 25 years.
Upon beginning neurofeedback I was relaxed and glad to see how ‘easy’ it was. Anthony made me feel safe and fully explained the process to me. Before long, I could tell that my brain was learning new ways of operating and eventually, once we began deep state alpha-theta neurofeedback session, the results became profound. The last two deep-state sessions have been remarkable and I am so excited to have finally found something that offers such amazing relief and long-term hope.
I can already tell that I am learning and being drawn to new ‘brain wave frequencies’ on which to function, and the calmness that I have when departing the sessions already seems to be staking a permanent claim on my moods. I have never felt this level of peace before – it is as though I have wandered the desert for my whole life, and finally found a much-needed tranquil oasis. Additionally, as my ‘raw nerves’ settle down, there has been an immediate reduction in chronic overall pain I have had for many years. What a wonderful bonus!”
47 yr old, PTSD
“I wanted the chance to watch Sxx on his own for a bit – without meds or neurofeedback – and I can report with pride that Sxx is growing into himself now, and he is so much happier. We have to thank you for the time we were able to have with Gray Matters, and attribute a lot of the smiles we see on his face to his experience with you.”
8 yr old boy, ADHD & Anxiety
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