Neurofeedback Therapy & Brain Mapping in Redding CT

Highly Effective Alternative Treatment for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression

Measurable anxiety reduction after neurofeedback

QEEG brain imaging – Assessments based on measured brain function.

What is QEEG? QEEG is simply a recording of the electrical activity of the brain (EEG), compared to a database of completely healthy individuals, matched for age, gender and handedness. (Gray Matters uses an FDA registered database used by thousands of hospitals all over the world.) The result is a comparison of an individual’s brain function to a normal matched peer group, with the differences measured, or quantified – hence qEEG.

QEEG brain mapping allows us to see and measure traditionally subjective diagnoses like ADHD or Anxiety, and to predict medication response based on individual brain profiles. Quite simply, it makes the invisible, visible.

Neurofeedback – highly effective, medication-free treatment for a range of issues including ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

What is neurofeedback? Neurofeedback is biofeedback of brain activity. The brain is constantly changing, looking for greater efficiencies and adapting to the demands we place on it. This is the basis of neuroplasticity. By linking monitored brain activity with a reward, we can train the brain towards improved function, allowing the brain to change itself, rather than relying on medication. When the brain finds better ways to function, it tends to hold them – a long-lasting solution without side-effects.

Gray Matters uses the most advanced QEEG brain imaging and neurofeedback available, called SW LORETA. This allows us to assess and train the brain in 3 dimensions, for better analysis and better results.

Treating children and adults in Fairfield County and surrounding areas for over 12 years. Gray Matters has treated thousands of individuals and recorded more than 10,000 QEEG brain maps.

The most sophisticated treatment available, in clinic or for home rental.

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