What Is Neurofeedback Brain Training & Therapy?

Desired Brain Activity Linked to a Reward

Neurofeedback is based on the process of rewarding particular patterns of brain activity to reduce or eliminate symptoms. QEEG data is recorded and analyzed in real-time. As the data comes in, a program adjusts the brightness of a television screen higher (to reward) or lower depending on the brain activity that is desired.

As Simple As Watching TV

Though the science and technology behind Neurofeedback is complex, the patient’s role is actually quite simple. In a typical session, the patient will watch a movie that is being controlled by their ability to regulate their brainwaves. The movie screen will get brighter as the brain waves normalize, and become darker when they become dysregulated. The brain’s natural desire to watch the movie clearly, will reinforce those neurological circuits that normalize the brainwaves. The more these circuits are reinforced and used—the more neuroplastic changes take hold. This process, which takes place entirely in the unconscious, trains the brain to function with healthier patterns during the demands of every day life!

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For example, ADHD symptoms are associated with low frequency (primarily theta and delta waves) in the frontal lobes. In these cases the program is setup to reward the brain (increase brightness) for higher beta activity in these areas.

By contrast, most with anxiety tend to show an excess of beta activity in the parietal and occipital lobes. Here the treatment is focused on reducing this type of activity, in turn combating debilitating symptoms.

neurofeedback session
  • Neurofeedback is an entirely unconscious process, providing benefit for people of all ages.
  • Patients are free to choose from hundreds of movie and television titles for their training.
  • Benefits tend to endure long after treatment concludes.
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