Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Therapy in CT

The diagnosis “ADHD” describes a range of issues, but ADHD is not a mental illness, it is simply a description of difficulties. Most importantly, ADHD has no single neurological cause, and therefore there is no single, effective treatment.

As neuroimaging becomes increasingly refined, it reveals the complexity of human attention and cortical self-regulation. It shows that the difficulties commonly described as “ADHD” can be caused by an almost infinite number of issues, very few of which are improved by ADHD medications.

It is only with functional brain imaging (qEEG) that we’re able to identify the specific brain regions (or networks) that are dysregulated, and target them precisely with neurofeedback to normalize their function. When this is done correctly, an ADHD diagnosis is simply a starting point for treatment and resolution, rather than a statement of limitation.

The difference between treating ADHD with medication, and fundamentally improving brain function with neurofeedback, are profound:

ADHD Medication

  • The brain is chemically altered from the outside
  • Affects entire central nervous system
  • Dependency and rebound effects
  • Appetite loss, sleep issues, irritability
  • Improvements require continuing treatment
  • No long term evidence of efficacy


  • The brain is directed to change itself
  • Targets specific brain areas and networks
  • Gradual but progressive change
  • No side effects
  • Improvements continue after treatment
  • Improvements appear to endure

Over almost 10 years, Gray Matters has treated thousands of children (and adults) diagnosed with with ADHD with remarkable success. We’ve achieved this with a dedication to the highest standards of technical expertise, and a commitment to individual care.

Our neurofeedback program has enabled the vast majority of our patients to function better without medication than they did on it, or not need medication at all. What’s more, the longevity of our program allows us to follow their continued success many years later.