Neurofeedback & qEEG Brain Mapping Therapist in CT

Neurofeedback does not offer a cure for Autism, but when the severity of the symptoms of Autism are reduced (such as anxiety, or sensory issues), relatively small improvements can be life-changing. Gray Matters has been improving the lives of children diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum for over 12 years, ranging in age from just 2 years to adult, and with all levels of severity.

At Gray Matters, we’re attuned to the special attention an Autism diagnosis often requires and, while we’re always careful to manage expectations, we’ve found that by helping the brain to self-regulate, it’s possible to effect significant change.

Gray Matters is not only committed to the treatment of Autism, but also to research into promising new treatments. Currently, Gray Matters is part of a small national team of clinicians and researchers testing a new treatment called Accoustical Neuromodulation, using qEEG (among other instruments) to measure the treatment effect. Early results show considerable promise, and Gray Matters is proud to be part of this ground-breaking team.

Below is a qEEG of a typical child with Autism. It shows significant excess theta in the left temporal lobes (associated with receptive speech), and the right parietal lobe (associated with social functioning), combined with excess high beta in regions associated with emotional hyperarousal.

The test results below show the dramatic improvement, verified by two different tests, of a child with Autism after only 3 weeks of Neurofeedback treatment.

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