autism study

Are you a parent of a child with Autism?
Gray Matters is collaborating with The Hartwell FoundationCase Western Reserve University, UC Davis MIND Institute, and Stanford University, to reach thousands of families who are managing the challenges of caring for a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis.

The goal of the “Kids First” initiative is to create a detailed classification of ASD that will more accurately reflect each individual’s behavior and personality. With this new approach, researchers will be able to dig beyond the surface features of the disorder, to enact personalized, targeted approaches for care and interventions that will be more successful than what is available today.

Who can participate?
Parents of a child:
✅ with a clinical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
✅ between the ages of 1 – 17 yrs
✅ proficient in the English language

What does the study involve?
📝 Families will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding demographic and behavioral information (~10min)
🏠 All participation can be done from home

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